Ervin Veisz

“Across the nation, Ervin Veisz is being recognized for his unique style of entertainment and different approach to making an impact.”

Who is that awesome guy on the picture?
Well… that’s me, Ervin Veisz!

I´m 26 years old and born/raised in Gothenburg/Sweden.

This is how my journey began..

At the age of seven I attended a circus that was visiting our neighborhood.
I saw a magician performing his act´s, and for me, it was mind-blowing to say the least. After his show he let all the kids visit him backstage for some more magic & secrets.

1 week later after hours of crying to my parents they gave me a book called "Start doing magic", and I was hooked for life.

My first big performance was at age of 10.
Standing strong in front of the entire school with students, parents & teachers in the audience.

Growing up I used magic for everything,
to escape daily issues, to spread joy, smiles & to bend other people´s reality.
Magic was everything for me & still is today.
I eat, breathe & live for the art.

I’ve done a lot of performances & I’ve meet a lot of people.
But what I have learned after all these years, to be able to enjoy magic you have to see it in front of your eyes... live!

My goal in life, well it's simple.. I want to help people enjoy life & make them smile more.

I love to travel, meet new people & to challenge myself in different stages.
I swallow razor blades, I handcuff myself & sometimes I
hang up side down in a straitjacket to escape. I also perform close-up magic & stage magic.

That’s me!

Children see magic because they look for it.

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