Ervin Veisz

Britains Got Talent 2016 – 5 days left

Hello guys, long time since I updated my blog but hopefully it get better in the future ;).
I will start to write in English since I’ve had people asking me to do so. Apparently I got readers all the way to Asia & The States – big ups to you guys <3!

Well I got about 2 days left until I take the plane to Manchester and about 5 days until Im on stage in from of the judges of Britains Got Talent.
Im so happy! Been waiting a long time for this, super happy!!

Been practicing a lot lately for the first act, so hopefully I wont mess up haha.
I bought myself a new GoPro hero4 camera this week because somehow I got the feeling that I want to make a trip-video from start to end when Im visiting Manchester so you guys can see what I have seen on the trip and of course to make some new magic videos for you :)!!

Well well, I will try to update you as much as possible from now on.
Love you guys!!
keep it real & love magic <3